Key Lime Cooking

Key-limeyHome of the ONLY 100% Certified  Real Key Lime Juice!  Our real Key Lime juice was featured in 1992 on The Food Network and certified by Home Shopping Network as the only real 100% “Certified” Key Lime juice on the market today.

Joyce LaFray, proclaimed the “Queen of Key Lime” by The Boston Globe, prepared 25 recipes made with Key Lime juice. The show was a smash hit and thousands and thousands of orders came to us from all over the United States from those seeking REAL Key Lime juice.

So What does “Certified” Key Lime Juice mean?
That simply means that Joyce LaFray’s Key Lime juice is made with REAL Key Lime Juice. Its biological name, citrus aurantifolia, comes from the Latin words for “gold” and “leaf.” Our research shows that this is the only truly tropical species of citrus. And certainly the most delicious! Don’t be fooled by juices from Key West that are labeled Key West Lime Juice – most are not real and the juice is no longer made in Key West! Honest!

What do Real Key Limes Look Like?
The delicate fruit is thin-skinned, almost round and only about 1-2 inches long, usually picked while still green but when ripe is actually yellow! The white flowers of its tree are as fragrant as the fruit itself, its branches densely armed with short stiff spines.

What does Real Key Lime Taste Like?
It is different from the regular lime (often called Persian or Bearss) in that the flavor is more tart and truly, one- of- a- kind. The sour juice of high citric acid content is rich in mineral potassium. Its flavor makes not only great pies, but many other wonderful recipes. Our juice has what’s called a high “brick” content, strong, yet lovely and mellow. Ours has been called the best in Florida by many.

Once you’ve had our real Key Lime juice there is absolutely no comparison with regular lime juice, which of course makes a good pie —but not nearly as great as a real Key Lime Pie! ...Joyce LaFray

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